Dr Priyanka Kumari

I am a Homeopathic consultant based in North West Delhi, with experience of over 7 years. I have completed my BHMS and am registered under the Central Council Of Homoeopathy. I want to serve society and cure patients suffering from mental and physical illness and make them happy.

Call : 07982777834


Simple Health Plan

Before starting treatment, it is important to understand that all previously suppressed disorders will be taken out one by one, no matter how old they are. That is, the patient will be made self-sufficient, not dependent.

Unless the doctor says, it is completely forbidden to take any other medicine, whether it is internal or external.

Normal Fees – 10 AM to 4 PM (Except Sundays):

Per Voice Call: ₹ 50/- Only
Per Video Call: ₹ 100/- Only
Per Clinic Visit: ₹ 150/- Only

Registration Fee: ₹ 200/- Only (one time)


Morning or evening from 4 to 10 o’clock will attract double the fee.

From 10 PM to 4 PM and any time on Sundays 3 times the fee will be charged.

Medicine charges extra.

(Prior APPOINTMENT is compulsory for video calls and clinic visits)

Minimum ₹1000/- has to be deposited in advance before starting the treatment.

Note: Old patients will not be charged a registration fee and will have to pay only ₹ 500 in advance.

Serious patients may be ordered to deposit a higher amount as an advance.